New sustainable, BREEAM certified project

The execution phase of 60 housing facilities in Marqués de la Cadena Street, Zaragoza, has begun on Monday, November 21st. This project has been designed by Ingennus Urban Consulting for Acciona Real Estate.

The building was conceived applying a highly energy efficient design, whose main goal is to reduce primary energy consumption and the CO2 emissions resulting from the construction activities. In order to do so, we need to think of the building as an urban energy infrastructure capabl

Rehabilitation of the Central Market surrounding area


Last week, the execution works at Manifestación Street and Lanuza Square, in the vicinity of Zaragoza’s Central Market, have started.

The project, designed by Ingennus Urban Consulting, focuses on the restoration of this strongly damaged building, classified as listed due to its location in the surroundings of the Central Market, which is considered a Site of Cultural Interest (SCI).

Our company has been working in this protected area since we were awarded the Central Market