Ingennus: awarded with the Aragon Enterprise Gold Seal

The Aragon Corporate Social Responsibility Day 2016 took place this morning at the Pignatelli building in Zaragoza.

The event, hosted by Marta Gastón, Regional Government of Aragon’s Representative for Economics, Industry and Employment, has also included the award ceremony for the Aragon Corporate Social Responsibility Awards 2016. The awarded good practices have been presented in four categories: freelancers, SMEs, large corporations and non-profit or

Ingennus takes part in the 3rd ESIC corporate run

For the second year in a row, Ingennus attended the 3rd ESIC Business & Marketing School corporate run, which took place last December, 18th.

The run aims to strengthen the values shared by the world of business and sport, such as teamwork, sacrifice and perseverance.

Conscious as we are of the importance of self-improvement and personal drive, Ingennus did not want to miss this event and thus 12 members of our staff -that is, almost a third of our team- have participated in it. 3.