About us

We are a firm of architects, urban planners and consultants with more than thirty years of experience

Our team is our greatest asset, jointly working to deliver efficient, sustainable and coordinated solutions


We integrate BIM from the beginning of the design process in order to better determine costs, quantities, the environmental and energy balance and to prepare the building's facilities management.

We are people who design and think about people


We are members of BREEAM Spain and our team includes several Passivhaus Designers and Passivhaus Tradesperson. We prevent our buildings environmental impact with the commitment to minimize the expenses of maintenance, exploitation and ending of building’s life.

We create avant-garde, functional and innovative solutions.

Project Management

Professionals at Ingennus are certified as Project Management Professionals by the PMI attesting their competences. We listen and collaborate with every party, being transparent in our opinions and decisions.

We develop attractive buildings with their own personality


We have implemented an Integrated Management System, credited by the UNE-EN ISO standards 9001 (Quality Management), 14001 (Environmental management) and 14006 (Eco-design), embodied in the EFQM Excellence Model.

We bring architecture closer to people, by creating sustainable projects


We have received the Aragon Corporate Social Responsibility label and have adhered the United Nations Global Compact Network. We are focused in the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals, targeting the construction of a better environment.


We belong to important professional associations and working teams within our expertise areas.