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Saragosse, Espagne

Bâtiment de bureaux pour le siège de « Acciona »

oficinas para la sede de empresas de acciona

Newly built architectural complex that houses the new headquarters of the offices of Acciona companies located on the Zaragoza Logistics Platform.The building is configured into three independent volumes that house the offices and are articulated around the central access and communication element. The volumes have the form of rectangular prisms and are aligned on a longitudinal north-south axis. The ground floor below is allocated for parking.The building resolves the need to combine both the current development of the implemented offices and that of any potential modifications or adaptations that may be required by future needs. This functional versatility is achieved with the design of open plan spaces allocated to office users, facilitating mobility through common spaces.

Fachadas Sede de Acciona
Sede de empresas Acciona




Année de fin



Grupo Acciona


19.099 m²


18.144.000 €

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