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«Torres de Villanueva» Residential Complex

Newly constructed and privately developed residential complex located in the municipality of Villanueva de Gállego. Activity in the fields of architecture, landscaping and planning with the purpose of creating a high quality urban setting with a low density of large residences. The arrangement of the space comprises the layout of the buildings around a common axis. Groups of 45 residencies were arranged around a central zone, an artificial lake, that is allocated to leisure and sports spaces and urban facilities and services. The lake is used as a rainwater regulation system and also serves to water the green areas, thereby contributing to reducing the heat island effect. The linear support of existing trees, large pines that have been there for over 50 years, planted in several rows, was incorporated into its design.




Año de finalización



Aragón Urbana


145.930 m²


2.550.000 €