Commencement of construction works for judiciary infrastructure in Mali

Our last on-site mission allowed to launch the construction and rehabilitation of new judiciary infrastructures in Mali.


The project is implemented within the framework of the  Programme to support the justice sector in Mali. (Programme d’appui au secteur de la justice au Mali — PAJM), funded by the European Union through the European Development Fund (EDF). The assignment comprises the design and works supervision of several new Regional and District Courts in Koutiala, Segou, Sikasso, Bla, Yorosso, Kignan, Nioro du Sahel and Tominian, as well as the rehabilitationof Bafoulabé Court,Bamako’s Central Prison and  Juvenile Detention Center.

In order to properly carry out the supervision mission, our team will periodically visit construction sites, where our local technicians work full-time.

obras en los tribunales de justicia de mali

The Malian enterprises “Afrique Travaux” and “Econi” will be in charge of the works, awarded in three lots. Additionnally Ingennus has also been awarded with a new project within the same Programme: the  design and installation of a biodigester  system in Bamako’s Central Prison. This system allows the generation of combustible gas from the waste produced in the center with the aim of fueling the burners and reducing the current consumption.

Biodigesters systems are currently being introduced in low income countries to mitigate the energy-environmental issues and better manage the waste produced, regardless of their origin.

Our aim is to consolidate our presence in African countries such as Mali, by emphasizing the strength and the potential of the continent, that’s the reason why we continue working in search of new projects and partners.